Barsel & Karriere (Parental Leave & Career) is a campaign designed to focus on a paradigm shift in creating a new culture and changing the mindset in our society.

Culture where maternity leave is recognized as a career booster.


Culture where all women feel empowered.


 Culture where mothers feel equality.


A kind revolution, that makes parental leave more prestigious in the eyes of men and businesses.


Inspiring men to take longer paternity leave and supporting the needed balance in society.

Barsel & Karriere invites, inspire & empowers women to proudly add maternity leave to their CV. 

We invite mothers to join BARSEL & KARRIERE community on LINKEDIN, and freely use it as company their were affiliated with while being on maternity leave. We inspire to describe what it meant for them to be on maternity leave, and what skills they grew, which for them were career boosting.

By doing so, we help create awareness that can make a difference and create a new culture where maternity leave is a seen as a positive part of the business world.

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